Tour Confirmation

Participants will be selected in the order deposit payments (USD 500) are received and until a tour is full. Higher Ed Tours reserves the right to give preference for gender balance (required for accommodation) or likelihood of being granted a visa. Visa applications are the responsibility of the participant. Higher Ed Tours will provide a letter detailing the trip which may be used for the visa application. This is no guarantee that a visa be granted.

Payments may be made by cash, check or electronic bank transfer (payable to Dominie Wilhite) or paid online through the Google Checkout or PayPal links present in the invoice. Airline tickets should be confirmed and paid for only AFTER a tour confirmation email is received which specifically states that it is acceptable to do so.

Each Higher Ed Tour includes:

Accommodation in hotel or similar type lodging (2 person occupancy) or college dormitory
Ground transportation (beginning at the tour origination city airport and ending at the tour conclusion city airport)
Meals (3 meals/day)
Campus tours and presentations
All activities
Tour materials

Each Higher Ed Tour does NOT include:

Flight costs
Visa fees
Spending money

Participants must follow the tour rules as outlined below or risk being sent home at their own expense.

Participant is responsible for any damage he/she causes to accommodations or the bus.
Participants are not allowed to possess or use any controlled substances including alcohol during the tour.
Lights out is at 10pm unless otherwise indicated by the tour leader. All participants must lock and stay in their designated rooms after curfew and not allow anyone (except a tour leader) to enter.
Participants may not order or use any hotel services that will incur an additional charge (i.e. phone, room service, ordering movies) unless approved by a tour leader.
Participants may not use the hotel sauna, hot tub or pool without permission from a tour leader.
Participants must remain with the group at all times. It is understood that the tour will involve a lot of walking each day.
Participants are expected to conduct themselves responsibly and with respect for others.
Participants are expected to participate in all tour activities unless given the option.
Participants are responsible for their own belongings. This includes but is not limited to passport and spending money.

Payment and Cancellation Policy

Applicants may cancel tour application and Higher Ed Tours will return deposit (USD 500) if a written request is received on or before 45 days before the tour. Higher Ed Tours reserves the right to cancel if participant numbers are insufficient. In such cases, a full refund will be granted on or before 30 days prior to the tour.

Payments in full must be received on or before 45 days before the tour. Failure to pay in full by the deadline may result in cancellation of application and forfeiture of deposit.

If a tour must be cancelled after it has begun, Higher Ed Tours will be responsible for refunding the portion of the tour that has been cancelled.

Medical Release

Participants are responsible for their own medical insurance. Details of coverage must be provided to Higher Ed Tours in advance.
Participants authorize Higher Ed Tours to take any necessary steps to ensure their health, safety and well-being. This includes but is not limited to medical/dental services.
Participants and their parents are responsible for all medical costs incurred due to illness or injury while on tour.
Medication may not be administered on tour without written parent permission.

Liability Release

Higher Ed Tours is a Sole Proprietorship that is not affiliated with any secondary or post-secondary school.
Participants release Higher Ed Tours and its tour leaders from any liability claims. This includes issues that may arise from any agents/vendors used by the company.
Higher Ed Tours is not responsible for any injury or illness a participant incurs while on tour.

Release of Information

Higher Ed Tours will not release information to colleges unless approved by participant.

Higher Ed Tours may use photos and/or videos of participants generated while on tour and/or testimonials obtained from participants in present or future publications and/or publicity materials.

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