Are you excited about college but overwhelmed by the number of options? Visiting college campuses can give you a much better idea of what’s out there.

Find the school that best suits you!

There is nothing quite like walking the grounds of what may well be your “New World.” Breathe the air. Get a sense of the environment. See what the college students are doing for fun. Certainly, you could go online and read statistics of the size or population or list of majors for each particular college or university — but that’s dry info compared with the feeling of actually moving through the spaces that you may well inhabit for the next very important and very exciting years of your life.

Our tours are designed to offer you options

Do you like the energy of a big city or the tranquility of a more rural campus? Liberal arts or research university? Not sure? Join a Higher Ed Tour and we’ll show you a wide range of options to help you figure out what’s right for you.

We help you to get a sense of what would be the “Best Fit” for your future. We always offer new, exciting and less obvious alternatives to the more familiar names. You’ll be able to make clear comparisons within the same day and will always  see a broad range of options over the length of the tour.

The tour experience is fun!

It’s so great to explore these new places with a group of peers, as they are also in the midst of discovery. Your tour may well take you to a part of the country where you’ve never been before – or even a whole new country. This is real adventure!

Here’s what you’ll get:

Campus tours
Information sessions with admissions staff
Meals in college dining halls or at restaurants
Meeting current students
Accommodation in college dorms or hotels (2 person occupancy)
Pre-tour materials to make the most of the tour
Evening presentations by a college counselor on “Steps to College Admission Success!”
Travel with students from around the world!

You’ll have fun on a Higher Ed Tour while planning for your future.




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