An investment in your child’s future

Four years of college is a huge investment on your part, and choosing a college is probably the single biggest life decision your child will make thus far. Higher Ed Tours is here to help your student consider a wide range of possibilities while providing experiences which help filter through the options. Students walk away with a better idea of what their “good fit” schools look like. And we provide the options and guidance to help your student find their “Best Fit” school! Thus, an investment in a quality tour experience can help to ensure that the following years of education pay dividends into their future.

Expertise in finding a “Best Fit”

An important feature of our tours is the expertise and support of the tour leaders with their broad knowledge base in college counseling. The tour participants are provided with help and information throughout the day and especially in focused feedback sessions at each day’s conclusion.

We do the work so that your child can reap the benefits

We take on the complicated and time-consuming tasks of planning and coordinating the college visits, sleeping arrangements, ground travel and meals so that your child can focus on making discoveries.

Higher Ed Tours believe in providing SAFE, INFORMATIVE and FUN tours. How do we do that?

–At least one chaperone for every 10-15 tour participants
–Visits to a variety of colleges on every tour:
—–Public and private
—–Large research universities and small liberal arts colleges
—–Urban, suburban and small town
—–Big names and hidden gems
—–Highly selective to not-so-selective
—–Varying abilities to meet student’s demonstrated financial need

From the moment we pick up your child at the airport until we drop him/her off, every detail will be covered by Higher Ed Tours.

–Campus tours
–Information sessions with admissions staff
–Meals in dining halls or at restaurants
–Meeting current students
–Accommodation in college dorms or hotels (2 person occupancy)
–Pre-tour materials to make the most of the tour
–Evening presentations by a college counselor on “Steps to College Admission Success!”

Click here for Tour Guidelines and Information

Higher Ed Tours also coordinates personalized family tours

Want to take your child on an individualized tour but don’t know where to start? Higher Ed Tours will coordinate a tour just for you… designed with your child in mind. We’ll make all the arrangements with the colleges so that all you need to do is show up.

Contact Higher Ed Tours to get your child on a pre-arranged summer tour or to have us create your own personalized family tour!  


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