As you know, one of the most transformative experiences of your students’ lives is the transition from secondary school to an institution of higher learning. As counselors, we encourage students to visit campuses but coordinating a tour requires you to act as a travel agent and an event coordinator in addition to your many other responsibilities. Your days are already filled with implementing your programs – helping students prepare their college list and applications, writing letters of recommendation, sending transcripts, and the list goes on. Putting it all together on your own can be overwhelming.

This is where Higher Ed Tours is able to make a real difference. You and your students benefit from participating in a tour, but we do all the planning and arrangements. Here are just a few of the things that we do for you:

  • A Higher Ed Tours college counselor will work with you to design a tour that meets the specific needs and interests of your students. If you’ve got a list of colleges that you’d like to include — great! If not, we’re here to help you navigate the options.
  • We utilize our network of college reps to put together an exciting and option-filled schedule.
  • For every ten students you bring on tour, one of your chaperones participates for FREE.
  • Higher Ed Tours crafts a package that includes everything except transportation to and from the start and end-point of the tour. You will be provided with a detailed itinerary and materials for the students in advance. We’ll even provide you with a recommended parent meeting outline.

A custom designed college tour provides greatly increased effectiveness in accomplishing your professional objectives while saving you enormous amounts of time and energy.

You work hard on a daily basis to help your students find and apply to good-fit colleges. Visiting campuses and getting a feeling for them is a part of that filtering process. Let Higher Ed Tours bring you and your students on a journey of discovery. Contact us today and see what we can do for you!



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